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Matthews App FAQs

Can I use my Spin Game points towards Service? No.  The Spin Game and Matthews Rewards Plus are two totally separate entities, though your Rewards Plus benefits do have a home within the Matthews App under the Matthews Rewards Plus tab, then the Automotive Rewards tab.  The points in the Spin Game that are won on the wheel are redeemed for prizes offered only in the Spin Game.

Can I use my Spin Game points towards the purchase of a New Car? No. The points won in the Spin Game are used to redeem for prizes offered in the Spin Game.

How do I redeem the Raffle tickets I claim? You don't have to do anything… they are automatically entered into the drawing for the current month, which will be randomly drawn by a computer program within the first few days of the next month! Also, if a member accidently "activates" a raffle ticket and the ticket subsequently disappears from the app, their entries still count and remain unaffected in the system. Winners will be notified directly about how and when to claim their prizes.

Can I share my Rewards Plus Service Benefits with my family members? No. Rewards Plus Service benefits are VIN/vehicle specific and not transferrable, however the Upgraded Black and Platinum Future Vehicle Savings (FVS) vouchers are.

Can I gift my Rewards Plus Future Vehicle Savings to my family members? Absolutely! Just tell your Sales Associate that you have Rewards Plus Future Vehicle Savings that you would like to gift to someone (anyone you like), and they will research and apply the available discounts.

Can I use more than one Future Vehicle Savings Voucher at a time? No. Matthews Rewards Plus Future Vehicle Savings Vouchers may not be combined towards a single vehicle purchase or with any other offers.

Where can I see my Automotive Rewards in the Matthews App? Open up the App, tap on "Matthews Rewards Plus", then "Automotive Rewards".  Choose your vehicle, and you will see your available vehicle specific rewards.  You do not have to redeem anything from your phone, just tell your Service Advisor that you have Rewards Plus and they will take care of redeeming it for you!

Where can I see the prizes I have won? Open the Matthews App, tap on "Matthews Rewards Plus", then "Around Town Rewards". Your prizes will show up in a series of tiles that you must "Activate" to get your deal or prize…in front of the receptionist at your designated prize pick-up store.

I won a prize on the Spin Game… How do I claim it? You will receive email instructions to go to your regions designated prize pick-up Store. When you arrive to pick up your prize, you must bring up the prize tile (from your Around Town Wallet) and activate that prize in front of the receptionist.  For Raffle prizes, the receptionist will be notified by email of the winner, but there will be no tile to activate.                                                                                             Can I use my accrued points in the Spin Game to "Purchase" prizes from the REWARDS tab on the lower right of the Spin Game wheel? No. This is simply a listing of the prizes available to be won on the spin game, and how many points you would need to redeem to get this prize.  You must Spin…land on a tile and CLAIM that prize (if you have enough points).  The prize will then appear in your Around Town Wallet (top right of the wheel) with a button that says "Activate".  If you do not see a tile with the "Activate" button… you did not claim/win that prize.

I forgot my password… How do I reset it? Go to the Matthews App and tap "Login".  Tap on "Forgot Password".  Enter your cell phone number, including the Area Code, then tap "Submit".  You will receive a text message with a 4-digit code that you must enter in the "Temporary Password" field, which will then prompt you to change your password, and allow you access to the Matthews App. 

I never got my temporary password… How do I get into my Matthews App Account? Go to your Matthews App and follow the RESET PASSWORD prompts, using your cell phone number as your Login. 


To view your Automotive Rewards, go into the App, tap MATTHEWS REWARDS PLUS, the Automotive Rewards.  Select the vehicle you would like to view rewards for, and you will see a tally of your remaining automotive rewards.  This is a tally only…your Service Advisor will take care of redeeming these for you when you come in for Service and tell them you have Rewards Plus!